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The Saem Saemmul Liquid Eyeliner

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The Saem Saemmul Liquid Eyeliner


▶ Place of originSouth Korea


▶ Volume : 5g / 0.17 oz.


▶ Product Description


 : Liquid eyeliner with easy washable type that is thinly applied without clumping


▶ Product Features


1. A clean eye makeup without smearing


    It forms a thin coating film with good adhesion to express sharp and clear eye lines.


2. Quick Dry System


    It has a thin, smooth texture that is applied without clumping, so even beginners can easily draw natural eye lines.


3. Easy Washable Cleansing


    Applied the special formula for easy cleansing, it is easily removed by the lukewarm water, and it cleanses cleanly when cleansing.


▶ How to use


 : After applying eye shadow to the upper eyelids, draw eye lines naturally as close as possible to eyelashes.


▶ Color


1. 01 Deep Black


 : Clean and Clear Eye Makeup



2. 02 Deep Brown


 : Soft and Deep Eye Makeup




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  • ★★★★★ | sop*** | 2022-12-16

    Not bad,it's my first time to use eyeliner in this brand but I like it because easy to use,waterproof.my eye look charming whole day.


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