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VELY VELY Artemisia Balance Essence

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VELY VELY Artemisia Balance Essence


Expiry date: 01 April. 2023


▶ Place of origin:South Korea


▶ Volume : 150ml / 5.07 fl.oz.


▶ Product Description




 : Artemisia balance essence contains undiluted artemisia capillaris extraxt to manage your skin healthy 

  and bright and give rich nutrition.


 : No artificial pigment, synthetic perfume! 100% Artemisia extracts essence.


 : Skin tone, skin redness, pore improvement! Especially recommendation for eneven, dull, dry, sensitive skin!


 : Antioxidant effect and minerals brings vitallity and increases natural skin strength with a lot of minerals

   and vitamins, and superb antixiodant activities.



▶ How to use


 1) Put essence on the cotton and wipe your face gently as follow your skin texture.


 2) Dab gently your skin with artemisia balance essence.




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