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HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig Clear Black Head 3-step Kit Honey Gold 5EA

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HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig Clear Black Head 3-step Kit Honey Gold
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  :5EA

 Main Ingredients

: Penta Honey Gold

: 5 kinds of ingredients (Honey, Propolis, Roy Jar Jelly, 24K Gold, White Gold Coloid)

▶ Product Description

 : It removes blackheads neatly by Natural AHA blackhead melting effect.

 : The size is larger and the adsorption force is stronger.

 : You can experience the soothing effect of honey glow with nutritious gold new gel sheet.

☆ STEP 1

 : Containing honey extract and natural ingredients complex AHA complex, it dissolves sebum and blackheads.

☆ Step 2

 : Containing red pine charcoal with excellent sebum absorption, honey and propolis extract, it protects the skin
   and gently removes deep-rooted blackheads.

☆ Step 3

 : Premium honey gloss soothing care for pores where sebum has escaped with gold and honey propolis extract,
   which is excellent for skin soothing and purifying.

▶ Before & After

▶ How to use

1. After washing your face, take out the Step 1 sheet and attach it according to the shape of your nose.

2. After applying warm water around the nose, take out the strong nose pack with dry hands and press carefully
    so that it is completely adhered.

3. When the pack is completely dry after 15 minutes, remove it from the edge

4. Moist and nourishing new gel sheet soothes the pores from which sebum and blackheads have escaped.

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  • ★★★★★ | wer*** | 2021-07-30

    I think it's better than other nose packs because it has honey and gold in it.
    It's cheap, too.

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