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Holika Holika Pig Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit -Strong 5EA

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Holika Holika  Pig Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit - Strong



▶ Place of origin:South Korea


▶ Volume:5EA

▶ Product Description


BIG SIZE + Excellent adhesion
    It is a perfect size that adheres tightly across the nose.




:Black food ingredient UPGRADE
    It does not irritate the skin, and it contains black food rich in anthocyanin

    content to make the skin moist and smooth.


:Strong sebum improvement effect proven by clinical trial


:High-quality Bamboo Fabric

   Bamboo charcoal, called "black pearl", is specially processed to increase the water

   absorption of spaces in bamboo charcoal fiber.


★1-STEP Pore opening!

:A generous amount of essence and a moderate heating feeling will drain sebum

  and blackheads out of the pores.


*If you warm your nose for 5 minutes with a steam towel before attaching the sheet,

  it is excellent for sebum removal.



★2-STEP Blackhead removal!

:It is a big size mask with a sticker type that removes blackheads and sebum with strong

  adhesion and absorption power.


★3-STEP Pore tightening!

:Contains black food excellent for moisturizing and soothing, it provides purifying

   and soothing effect to pores that are removed sebum.


:It is a pore tightening mask that the sheet with cooling effect soothes the pores

   that are removed sebum and gives fresh finish.


* If used after refrigerated storage, it is more effective for pore care.



▶ How to use


 1) Attach the STEP 1 to open the pores with a warm feeling for about 15 minutes and

    gently melt so that the wastes and blackheads are well drained.


 2) Apply warm water to the area around your nose and use your dry hands to take out

    the Strong Nose Pack (STEP 2) and carefully attach it to fit your nose.

    If the pack is completely dry after 15 minutes, slowly remove it from the edge.


 3) Attach the STEP 3, soothe the pores that are removed sebum and blackheads with

    essence containing black food ingredients, and finish with moisture and nourishment.



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