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HINCE Second Skin Cover Concealer

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HINCE Second Skin Cover Concealer
▶ Place of origin : Korea

▶ Volume: 6.5g / 0.22 oz.

▶ Product Description

 : The highly concentrated cover formula, which is thin and light like my own skin, provides natural, clean and
   delicate skin.

 : Even in small amounts, it is delicate, but covers flaws perfectly.

 : It has less smearing due to excellent adhesion and lasting power.
   (*The results of use may vary from person to person.)

 : It stays great throughout the day without worrying about clumping, uplifting, or darkening.


▶How to use

 : Apply an appropriate amount of concealer on the desired area for a more complete cover, and blend with a brush
   to complete natural and clean skin.


 : The top of the product may appear empty to control the pressure in the container, but it is a product that has been
   filled with a quantity.

 : Due to the characteristics of the thin and light formulation, pigment bands may be formed due to the difference
   in density, but this is not a product abnormality.

 : It is recommended to store at room temperature of 10~30℃.

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