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INNISFREE Light Glow Cushion

Code: 1699406023 | Weight: 120g

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이니스프리 - 라이트글로우쿠션
It sticks to your skin as if you're smudging it
a cushion that gives off a natural shine and cover

Light Glow Cushion
SPF26 PA++
이니스프리 - 라이트글로우쿠션
When you want a healthy skin expression with a natural gloss cover, it adheres comfortably to your skin enough to forget to apply it.
이니스프리 - 라이트글로우쿠션
with a thin layer of adhesion
delicately accumulation of coverage
As soon as you apply the light fitting formula, it's light
It sticks to your skin, so it's not sticky
It expresses the natural glow that seems to be my skin.
이니스프리 - 라이트글로우쿠션
Feel comfortable every day Fit

The lightweight but moisturizing & adhesive compote glow texture allows for a moist skin expression with a comfortable use without pulling.
이니스프리 - 라이트글로우쿠션
A comfortable daily cushion

It's a product that doesn't add 10 kinds.
This is a comfortable daily cushion that can be used every day with an inorganic car formula.

[10 no added]
Animal ingredients, mineral oils, talc, tar pigments
polyacrylamide, imidazolidinylurea,
Triethanolamine, PG, Gluten, PTFE
이니스프리 - 라이트글로우쿠션
                                # 21N vanilla                                             # 23N ginger

                       Bright and lively creamy skin                          
healthy beige skin

Recycled plastic containers
Recycled raw materials made by reprocessing discarded plastic were applied to the container.


Soybean oil ink
Using FSC Print Paper
Instead of volatile ink, the ink containing soy oil was used. Using FSC certified paper certified by the Korea Forest Service
Efforts are made to ensure that forest ecosystems are managed.
이니스프리 - 라이트글로우쿠션

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