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INNISFREE Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream 50mL

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INNISFREE Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream 50mL

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 50ml  

▶ Product Description
Excellent for repeated skin troubles.

Recommended for those who experience skin troubles often, get irritated skin due to external environment, and have unstable skin conditions depending on seasonal changes.

According to customer reviews, 100% of them responded they had soothed skin, 96.7% felt healthier skin, and 93.5% felt it was helpful in skin improvement.

The advanced Centella 4X and Defense-CiCa formulated cream newly added with phytosterol soothes skin that is irritated due to physical and external irritations just from single use while at the same time improving damaged skin barrier.  

Constant usage of this product will lessen blemish scars, pores, uneven skin texture, excessive sebum, and dead skin cells.

Temporary skin redness alleviation by 112.7%, 96.6% skin cooling effect, 77.3% improvement of damaged skin barrier, dead skin cell reduction by 59.4% from single use. Skin oiliness improvement by 32.7%, pore size improvement by 28.5%, blemish and freckle reduction by 21.6%, skin moisture improvement by 19.4%, skin elasticity improvement by 16.5% and skin texture improvement by 14.8% after 4 weeks of product use.

The soft and moisturizing low-irritating moisturizing gel texture allows day and night care without removing makeup.

Completed skin irritation test and noncomedogenic test for sensitive skin types.

The cream not only alleviates excessive sebum and dead skin cells, but also protects skin that is easily exhausted from external irritations. Use the ampoule together to remove skin troubles and blemish scars to changed trouble skin into clean and smooth skin texture.

Made with soybean oil ink and FSC printing paper.

Featured ingredients

The formula containing retinol and cica provides healthy care and protects skin that is weakened and irritated by external environment.

How to use

Take adequate amount and gently apply on face and neck. When using during the day, apply a layer of sunscreen to protect skin.
이니스프리 - 레티놀 시카 흔적 장벽 크림
이니스프리 - 레티놀 시카 흔적 장벽 크림
이니스프리 - 레티놀 시카 흔적 장벽 크림

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