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THE FACE SHOP Metallic Liquid Shadow

Code: 1593060499 | Weight: 30g

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THE FACE SHOP Metallic Liquid Shadow
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : 2.5g/0.088oz.

▶ Product Description

: An eye shadow that mixes transparent color and colorful pearls to create a shiny eye like pearl coating

: Glitters of various sizes of particles and colors are mixed to create a bright and shiny eye.

: The thin, moist moisture base is lightly adhered without stickiness to create a makeup without dryness.

: Even in the afternoon, it maintains a beautiful sparkle without falling or clumping under the eyes and
  creates bright makeup all day long.

: It mixes with existing shadow products to create shade and eyes.
▶ How to use
: Spread the contents using the built-in tip or finger.



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